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. this is perfectly adapted to the environment. but now meeting a very tax savvy population then they have access to use tools to make it taken the backyard. something not in afghanistan but to look get the urbanize savvy population and final example in the u.s. states of georgia may 2011 a 15 year-old ninth great kid looked at the libyans and thought they don't know how to use of weapons systems of the crowd sourced in 48 hours a diving gold medal to teach the libyans how to use the weapons they were capturing he got this from soviet websites and his friends in those to speak arabic. today that is a major document used across syria with a fighting because neither word gun cultures you deal with people that came up in a gun culture sir buddy knows how to fire a weapon. what i sat with the nafta and travel editor i ask where the ied techniques came from he told his 50 year-old they make me one. they just no hope but -- they just know how but syria or libya did not have that background banal a kid in united states in 48 hours can pull together a middle that is now the dominant document that people
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1